Craft Selection Chosen by The Real Ale Company Team
12 Bottles of Craft Beer.
9 Bottles Fixed Selection (See Description)

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Customer Favourites Mixed Wine Case – 12 Bottles (75cl) – Virgin Wines

A dozen bottles, all top-selling customer favourites
These reds and whites are all tried and tested gems
Features wines worth up to £12.99 a bottle

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Hay Hampers Garden of Eden Healthy Fruit & Nut Hamper Box – Free UK Delivery

If you are looking for a healthier gift food hamper then this is for you. Want to give someone a gift but know they won’t thank you for sending them cheese or chocolate? This gift is packed with fruit, nuts & honey. Fresh, dried and in drinks.
We called this fruit hamper Garden of Eden as it is beautiful, bountiful and very tempting! Four types of fresh fruit plus a jar of our local honey, two types of fruit infusions, sparkling peach juice, dried apple crisps and mixed nuts.
Oranges, Apples, Lemon, Banana, Peach, Wild Strawberrys, Blood Oranges, Honey, Almonds, Cashews and Peanuts! What paradise!

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