THE ITALIAN DELI HAMPER n°4 Gourmet Gift Set (Tuscan Macaroni, Norma Sauce, Nduja, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet…

TUSCAN MACARONI BY MARTELLI 500g: This Pasta is Artisanally made in Tuscany by Slowly Kneading the Best Durum-Wheat with Room Temperature Water. It is Extruded with Bronze Dies of Small Dimension and is Dried at Low Temperature (33-36° C) in order to keep the Natural Flavour of the Wheat. As a result, this Pasta is Tasty and Porous; it’s well Resistant to Cooking and allows Sauces to be well Absorbed.
NORMA SAUCE BY SOLO SOLE 290g: This Artisan Pasta Sauce is an Excelence from Sicily Region. The Quality of the Raw Materials used and the Recipe followed (the auburigines are fried before be added to the sauce like it happend in the traditional recipe) make it Delicious You can add a few drops of extravirgin olive oil to add a great touch. Ingredients: chopped tomatoes, auburigines, basil, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, sea salt, sugar.
NDUJA DI SPILINGA BY DELIZIE VATICANE 190g: This is a Spicy Spreadable Italian Sausages, Artisanally Made following the Tradional Local Recipe of Calabria Region. Its unique taste makes it suitable for a variety of dishes: Pasta, Pizza, Ripe Cheese, Canàpes and moreover. ingredients: Nduja di Spilinga 98% (pork, hot pepper 25%, salt, spice), olive oil.

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