‘Hoppy’ ‘Beer’thday – Birthday Beer & Nibbles Gift Hamper

An absolutely brilliant fun gift Birthday gift. Beer & Puns – what could be more perfect! These two bottles of craft beer have been specially labelled with fun loving beer based ‘Dad’ jokes to bring an extra smile to their faces on their birthday or should that be Beerthday
Lincoln Gold and Bomber County beers from Tom Wood have been labelled ‘Hoppy Birthday’ & ‘Happy Beerthday’
He can enjoy the beer from you with one of the five different types of bar snacks included. Such as the pork scratchings, cheddar biscuits, sourdough crackers, cajun nuts, and baked wine infused snacks.

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Hay Hampers Tea Time Delights – Tea & Biscuits Hamper Gift Idea for Her

This best selling gift hamper is packed full of those traditional tea-time treats that everyone loves, This tea and biscuit gift is bound to cheer them up!
Treat them to a sit down with either a cup of finest Black Ceylon tea or English Breakfast tea from our favourite luxury tea producer Basilur and their choice from their selection of biscuits (all butter shortbread, choc chip biscotti bites and decadent moist Amaretto cookies in three flavours; lemon, cappuccino and almond) plus some handmade decadent clotted cream fudge from our local producer.
Carefully packed in an attractive gift box. This gift does not require refrigeration and is delivered Monday to Friday.

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