Bear Fruit Yoyo Healthy Snack 5 Pieces by The Yummy Palette | Vegan Kids Hamper Vegan Sweets Healthy Snacks in Cute Hand…

Bear Yoyo’s pure fruit snacks 4 varieties Strawberry, Mango, Raspberry, Blackcurrant
Biona Organic MIni Fruit Bears 75g
No added nonsense

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Biona Organic Vegan Sweets by The Yummy Palette | Vegan Kids Hamper Vegan Sweets Organic Sweets 6 Bags in Bunny Basket

Great variety of Biona Organic Vegan and Gluten free sweets
All time favourites – Jelly Fruit Bears, Cool Cola Bottles, Jelly Dinos, Sour Snakes, Tutti Frutti Wine Gums, Pomegranate Hearts
6 bags of Biona Organic Sweets in Rustic Gift Bag – dimensions 12.6″ x 11.4″

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Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Slices Selection Gift Box – 3 Individual Slices – Jelly Bean Jumble, Crunchy Munchy & Heavenly…

Burmont’s Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company 3 Individually Boxed Slice Gift
Includes – Jelly Bean Jumble, Crunchy Munchy, Heavenly Honeycomb
Includes Premium Burmont’s Sleeve & Tissue Paper Lined Box

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Odenwalder Marzipankonditorei Fruit Gift Basket

Sweet Creations Have Their Season All Over The Year
The shelf life is minimum 1 year
Made in Germany

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The Ultimate Great British Afternoon Tea Hamper – Including Tea, Clotted Cream, Jams, Preserves & Marmalades – Hamper…

Burmont’s Ultimate Great British Afternoon Tea Hamper
Includes – Mrs Bridges Special Blend Afternoon Tea (50g/20 Tea Bags) Cottage Delight Clotted Cream (85g) Mrs Bridges Scottish Raspberry Preserve, Orange Marmalade, Scottish Strawberry Preserve, Lemon Curd, Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve (All 42g each)
Packed With Wood Wool & A Premium Burmont’s Sleeve

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