Food Gift Boxes (Hampers)

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A hamper originally meant a wicker basket, usually a large box to transport food. Until the early 20th century the food gift box was primarily transported by the person and it was then physically handed over to the recipient. Recently, due to rising costs, a hamper can come in the form of a smaller box that can be transported around which includes packaged goods and tinned food. For example, a Christmas hamper can consist of toys as well as an array of foods.


Food items included in a hamper must be special; it must be foods that can not be found in a local store or supermarket. A hamper box must be of the same special quality as the food put inside it. A food gift box must be equally protected outside as it is protected inside. There may be a few bumps along the way before reaching a final destination awaited by an eager person. Therefore, a damaged hamper is of no use to anyone. Instead of taking such a risk the gift box must be prepared in such a manner in order to avoid such accidents.


The food gift box must be durable and the cardboard must be two layers thick. This may be more expensive, but it is twice as strong and prevails it from being damaged too easily. The box can be made to look good by wrapping it normally by using colored paper. A message or a joke can be placed inside to enhance the gift and, the box can be decorated with a theme to suit the season, be it Christmas or a special celebration.

Boxes with food inside must be made to be water resistant. One side can be carefully sprayed with a waterproof spray.


Browsing the internet will assist a person in making a choice of a great finished box. The internet makes things easier to simply buy a food box online and even have it delivered at home. In case it is a last minute decision and there is no time to wrap the food gift box the internet can be the best option. These boxes are custom made and all that is required is to arrange the food inside decorated with colored tissue.


A hamper can be presented on special occasions such as an anniversary, a birthday or to celebrate something special with a friend.

Source by Cody Scholberg