THE ITALIAN DELI HAMPER N°1 Gourmet Gift Set (Penne Pasta, Norma Sauce, Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Italian Artisan Gourmet…

100% Made in Italy Artisan Luxury Food
Nice packaging to give to whoever you like, or to yourself, Tasty Moments of Lustful Pleasure
TUSCAN PENNE PASTA BY MARTELLI 500g: This Pasta is Artisanally made in Tuscany by Slowly Kneading the Best Durum-Wheat with Room Temperature Water. It is Extruded with Bronze Dies of Small Dimension and is Dried at Low Temperature (33-36° C) in order to keep the Natural Flavour of the Wheat. As a result, this Pasta is Tasty and Porous; it’s well Resistant to Cooking and allows Sauces to be well Absorbed.

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