HOT & SPICY HAMPER n°2 Gourmet Gift Set (“Cherry” Chilli Peppers in Olive Oil, Love Bomb Hot Chilli Sauce, Chilli Chocolate) Italian Artisan Gourmet Deli Food Hamper – Tasty Gift Basket Idea

100% Made in Italy Artisan Luxury Food
CHERRY CHILLIES IN OLIVE OIL BY DELIZIE DI CALABRIA 280g: The Cherry Round Chilli is very Fragrant, Delicate and Tasty. This Fine Species of Chillies Grown in Calabria are preserved fresh in in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.Great with salads or bread.
LOVE BOMB HOT SAUCE 190g: This Sauce is prepared with chillies, aubergine slices, artichokes, “Porcini” mushrooms, olive oil, white wine vinegar and oregano. It’s Explosively Hot and Tasty! It’s Exquisite as Tart Dressing,Pasta, Meat or Fish dishes.

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